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UFC 243 Live Stream Free @ Whittaker vs Adesanya Live Stream in Australia

UFC 243 Live Stream, UFC 243 Live Stream Free, Whittaker vs Adesanya Live Stream Free is an upcoming mixed martial arts event produced by the Ultimate Fighting Championship that is expected to take place on October 6, 2019 at Marvel Stadium in Melbourne, Australia.

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The undisputed UFC middleweight title will be on the line on October 5 (October 6 local time) when 185-pound champion Robert Whittaker faces unbeaten interim titleholder Israel Adesanya in the main event of UFC 243 at Marvel Stadium in Melbourne, Australia.

Tickets for UFC 243, which airs live on pay-per-view, go on sale on August 16. More information:
Australia's Whittaker has been sidelined since the second of two epic battles with Yoel Romero, but this fall he gets his chance to cement his place as the best middleweight in the world when he takes on New Zealand's Adesanya, who is coming off wins over Anderson Silva and Kelvin Gastelum.

The event will be the fourth that the promotion has contested in Melbourne and second at the venue, following UFC 193 in November of 2015 A UFC Middleweight Championship title unification bout between current champion Robert Whittaker and interim champion Israel Adesanya is expected to serve as the event's headliner

Robert Whittaker is, and always has been, unapologetically himself.

The UFC middleweight champion is set in his ways — singularly-focused on becoming the best mixed martial artist he can be, while still remaining true to what he believes in.
There are never any extras with Whittaker. No trash talk. No drama.
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He knows he could probably make more headlines and more money if he went there. He also knows there are more important things, like being a role model to his kids.
So with less than two months until his blockbuster unification bout with interim champion Israel Adesanya at UFC 243 in Melbourne, Whittaker has just one motivation.
Get in the Octagon, and get to work.

All will be settled October 6 (AEST).
All will be settled October 6 (AEST).Source: Getty Images
This will be Whittaker’s third scheduled title defence on home soil. At both UFC 221 and UFC 234 he was forced to pull out under freak circumstances. It was disappointing for all involved, but no one took it harder than the 28-year-old.
“I felt worse than anybody else out there,” Whittaker told . “I was the one that felt gutted the most, because I felt like I didn’t fight, I didn’t do my job.”
“I did weeks leading up. A lot of people were riding on me to fight, to come watch, to come support and I didn’t get to do it. I am the one feeling the worst.”
And while UFC 243 provides Whittaker an opportunity to make it up to a Melbourne crowd that missed him in February, the location really didn’t matter: “I didn’t care whether it was in Vegas, in Sydney, in a carpark; I just want to get in there and get to work.
“So I owe the Melbourne crowd a show, and they’re going to get a show in October, and it’s going to be on a bigger scale, and I am pumped for that.”
Having interviewed Whittaker countless times over the past few years, his message — and maybe more importantly, the application of that message — has been unrelenting: Nothing can, or will, derail him.
He doesn’t pay attention to the rubbish, or add to it. He simply does his own thing, and believes that should be enough. While he’s on top — and he’s on a nine-fight win streak in the UFC 243 — that is enough.

Always ready for war.
Always ready for war.Source: News Corp Australia
“They say stuff that I should be concerned about that I’m not concerned about,” Whittaker said.
“And … you shouldn’t be worried about it more than I am. It shouldn’t be playing on your mind more than it plays on mine.
“Another big thing is, there’s a big wide world out there apart from fighting. When I’m not in the Octagon or on the mats, I’m doing a lot of other stuff. I’ve got a lot of other things I’m doing that I focus on, that I enjoy doing. I don’t spend the whole day on my phone worrying about what people are talking about. It’ll drive you mad.”
It’s an important distinction that sets Whittaker apart from many other fighters in the organisation, who are unwilling, or unable, to think outside of the cage.
“I have a great circle of guys that I work with outside of the fight scene,” Whittaker explained. “I have multiple businesses that I’m running at the [same] time.”
It’s simple, really: “I look forward to really capitalising on my prime years now. I don’t want to be [like] the guys who fight late in to their 30s. I don’t want to be that guy.
“I’m going to capitalise on my prime years now, make the most of everything that I can. Like honestly run myself through the ringer and just really hit it hard. And when it’s done it’s done, and I’ll move to other endeavours.”
Whittaker added: “I’ve put a deadline on myself. I don’t want to fight past 34 or 35. I will be looking to wrap things up around then, like regardless of how I feel. Just because I do not want to fight past 35, that’s just me.”
“... I want to be able to help my kids with their homework, like as they’re growing up.”
Those other endeavours involve the running of his Gracie Jiu Jitsu gyms, on top of a growing interest in getting his voice out there.
“We’re running a podcast at the moment. You know, Grange TV — shout out,” Whittaker joked.
“I’m thoroughly enjoying that. I think that has a lot of legs that will push me through. It’s fun working on it, it’s growing at a steady rate. I guess honestly it’s showcasing my skillset in a public speaking sort of venue.
“I’m also doing a speaking tour later this year after the fight, which I’m pumped to do. Again, to move into that public speaking sort of avenue . So, I have skillsets there that I think if you’re interested, people can see the skillsets.
“…. I’m not limited to just fighting, fortunately enough. I do have other skillsets and talents, and other avenues that I look to capitalise on now, but especially after the fight scene wraps up.”
But that ‘fight scene’ is a world away from wrapping up. And it continues on October 6 (AEST) against a star in Adesanya, who has risen up the UFC rankings at a ridiculous rate.
A rate that has seen the Nigerian-born Kiwi finally tested in his past two Octagon appearances; first against Anderson Silva, and then against Kelvin Gastelum.

Kelvin Gastelum and Israel Adesanya went back-and-forth in Atlanta.
Kelvin Gastelum and Israel Adesanya went back-and-forth in Atlanta.Source: AFP
“That’s a big thing I think a lot of people don’t realise — Gastelum tagged him. He tagged him up well,” Whittaker said.
“It was a hard fight, Adesanya fought great, got the win. But he got tagged. And if Gastelum can tag him, I can tag him.
“I have better hands than Gastelum, I have more power, and I’m much faster. And on top of that, I have a better gas tank.
“I’ve been in those five-round wars. I went 10 rounds with Romero. I’m not going anywhere. I’m not taking anything away from Izzy [Israel]; I just know what I bring, and what I can bring.”
“… We’re eight weeks from the fight now … I’m fitter and stronger and sharper than I was fight week Gastelum.”
Forgotten just how good Whittaker really is?
No problem.
“They’ll remember me in October — that’s the way I see it,” Whittaker said.
“I’m the best I’ve ever been. I’m going to come in October, I’m going to put on a cracker show and everybody is going to remember, like, ‘Ah yeah, Rob Whittaker, I remember him. He’s not bad.’”
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